Çarşamba, Nisan 06, 2011

Croche - Barring with the “TIPS” of the Norminha

Summarized PAP - Start mine barred, different in the traditional way, that is, I go making the quadradinhos of the form below shown:
When already to be of the determined size, contour one of the sides with low points; I go then, initiating the trams. . . Making in such a way, the barred one is with elasticity to be applied in the part, without repuchos!

So that CENTER of ROSINHAS they are all of the same so great e finished well, I make of the form below explained:

They observe as the petals are arrumadinhas well. . .

This barradinho to be being applied in an American game of six parts and a central track.

sunday, 3 of April of 2011

Croche - VAI for my list of next “Work”. . .

I find super this Track for table gracious!

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